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Pan Para Pan Games Toronto 2015 – Cruyff Court

Building of a Public Multipurpose Sports Court as Legacy of the Pan Para Pan Games Toronto 2015 – Cruyff Court

Direct Project Beneficiaries: Communities with under-served and marginalized populations located within the City of Toronto and the general Toronto Region.

Needs: Funding for the construction of infrastructure and physical space (the ground) for the location of this community facility.

Introduction. Participation in physical activity has significant benefits for individuals and communities in general. Studies have shown that physical activity enhances physical and mental health. It also has numerous social and personal benefits for all age groups. Furthermore, it has positive economic impacts and helps reduce participation in areas such as drug abuse, violence and crime.

Hence, in light of the Pan/Para Pan American Games, it is important to consider the significance of building facilities that will not only serve as sporting venues during the games but also have an after-effect as a legacy to promote physical activity in public spaces throughout our communities. In addition to healthy living, these spaces will also represent sites of participation, which will ultimately strengthen the sense of community and retain the game’s ideal “United We Play”. Currently, the Hispanic/Latin American community in Toronto lacks a space for physical activity to which its members have a sense of ownership (unfortunately as a community we are not alone in this situation). The setting up of an open court (space) facility would be an inclusive and accessible space with access that can be utilized by all members of the community. It is expected that this space will become both a point for community engagement and social cohesion. Indeed, the establishment of a shared space will foster cohesion within the community by acting as a vehicle to build and expand networks through the practice of physical activity and community interaction. Such objectives align with the main Pan/Para Pan American Games vision of transforming local communities. The goal of this proposed initiative is to build a public multipurpose court in a community space in order to promote physical activity and participation by providing a free, inviting and safe space for able and disable bodies and the inclusion of genders and multi ages.

Overall Objectives

  1.  To promote community cohesiveness and inclusion in a traditionally marginalized community through the creation of a multipurpose court to reinforce the spirit of friendship and cohesion amongst members of the community.
  2. To create an environment in which community members of all ages and gender can exercise, build networks and act as a support system to counter the socio-economic and educational challenges often encountered.
  3. To build safer neighborhoods and reduce negative behaviors such as crime, drug abuse and violence by engaging the community in physical and ethics education with an emphasis on the notion of the ‘common good’.
  4. To aid mono-parental and troubled families with opportunities to change attitudes and behaviors by participating in activities that promotes friendship, acceptance and negotiation skills.
  5. To target disadvantageous conditions affecting the Latin American (and other) community such as poverty, academic under performance and overrepresentation in precarious employment by utilizing the court as a platform for education, motivation and support. We plan to complement these with other initiatives and programs geared towards strengthening community resilience and “fair play”.