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Child Protection in the Latino Hispanic Community

The training provided through this project focuses on building an understanding of the legal, social and community context of the Canadian and Ontario child welfare and child protection system under the Child and Family Services Act. By training front line workers and community leaders in how the child welfare and child protection system works, we are preparing a group of community, social and youth workers to better confront and solve issues related to acculturation such that Latin Hispanic families are better able to operate within the larger community and move toward an increased and shared understanding of the ‘best interest of the child’. The intention of the training is to provide workers with the tools that will enable family members to feel more connected to the external ‘Canadian community’ such that they can continue to identify positively as a Hispanic person as well as feel accepted by the mainstream community.

The training has been developed by:

  • Community Lawyers
  • Youth & child social workers, including members of children’s aid
  • Community development practitioners
  • The Office of the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth will contribute to the training regarding their specific role in the process of protection.

This project has been enabled by the contribution of the Ontario Law Foundation and Partnership support.