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Youth Program

The Youth Program of the Hispanic Development Council (HDC) was initiated in 1994 to serve the Hispano/Latin youth, their families and their communities. As time passed and the HDC’s expertise grew, it extended its services to other communities, namely the Afro-Caribbean, Asian, South-Asian, and Eastern European.


Some facts…

Close to thirty percent of the Hispanic community is made up of youth between the ages of 15 to 24 and most of them live in poverty. Furthermore, many of these youth was born outside Canada and lived part of their lives in very different cultural settings, where they experienced directly or indirectly violence, social, political and economic hardships social toxicity and of course exclusion.

Although we cannot/should not make the case for a causal relationship between marginalization, adaptation and appropriate family relations, there is evidence that such factors affect in a significant manner the life of immigrant children and young people. Our research suggests that from poor family conditions and weak family structures emerge some of the needs for other types of associations, forms of recreation and supports. While it is significant, that the “youth at risk” factor is of big concern, it is not the absolute rule in the community. There are also other types of youth groups of different orientation, tendencies, and philosophies: social, cultural, sports clubs, etc.  Our conviction within the Youth Program of the Hispanic Development Council is that all these groups and individuals can be reached and benefit from this work. Yearly, at HDC we see around one thousand young people and their families in need of some sort of support.