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Our Statement

Our Statement

The Hispanic Development Council strives to achieve together with the Latino Hispanic Community in Canada its full participation in the attainment of collective goals for all members of society. While Canada is a diverse population, our own community is also of a diverse national origins, reason why we are committed to achieve our goals by confirming our commitment to values of inclusion and pluralism at all levels of social, economic, cultural and political action. At the end of the process of social participation, by working on community capacity building, the goals of community advancement will be achieved by our collective commitment, and investment in social capital.

Strategic Goals

All notions about community development, its products and sub-products, are currently part of social and political scrutiny as we find ourselves –community, social workers- in the center of yet another historical set of bifurcations in regards to direction and aims of our work. A big part of this challenge is the fact that in the last two years we have been dealing with the economic recovery of our national system in Canada and through the OECD. Significantly, there has been large state/government intervention to rescue corporate citizens and institutions which most often enjoy the results of market policies, while seemingly privatizing most of their income and profits. Interestingly, from our perspective of community workers and planners, while our expectations for social investment in our sector and communities are high, the public discourse and direction of public investment is not as expected coming to communities –at least- in the short term. As a matter of fact, particularly in Ontario we are experiencing a significant contraction in our funding sector. Hence, our goals should be laid out in the following manner; while following the smarter notion meaning specific, measurable, acceptable to the people working to achieve the goals,realistic, timely, extending the capabilities of those working to achieve the goals and rewarding to them.

  • Positioning of the organization and the community within the current context. While we have described HDC in the past as a learning organization, today such conceptual value should be interpreted to read that we need to think again about our work, objectives and deliverables given the new conditions. Even more, we should give some time to exploring our context and given situation; and establish a path for our work which is simple, clear and dedicated to the key issues impacting the community. If there is an issue of customer service for all in social services then, we could say is that how organizations such as ours can work as catalysts for connecting community challenges to actual solutions and/or collective problem solving. Within this context, we must explore working with our constituency and community so that we can sharpen the lines of needs and priorities.
  • Building a community agenda. As the amount of resources continues to shrink, the work we do must become more and more strategically critical within the community context. Hence, work done within this level must be highly connected to actual interests and community needs. In time, to be successful we must consult and consult with all our community sectors to be able to define our objectives more clearly, and stronger than ever.
  • Outreaching to community stakeholders. A big part of working contextually means being in touch with community stakeholders simply because today there is no organization that can work alone, separated from the community it serves at the same time that we must be in touch with all of those who are part of the network of services and supports including stakeholders. It has already been established that if it is important what we do, who we partner with is also another important consideration, in essence, and we are referring here to partnerships and collaborations to enhance synergies in relation to our goals and objectives.